Dentistry & Dental Prophy

We take oral healthcare very seriously.

  • Each animal is under anesthetic and is monitored carefully for your peace of mind.
  • All our patients receive adequate pain control and antibiotic post-operatively.
  • Extractions may occur, but are done on the doctors discretion.
  • Dental radiographs are also available.
  • We chart all dental work performed
  • Tooth cleaning and fluoride applications are provided for all our dental patients
  • Periodontal disease is the most common disease found in dogs.
  • Certain small breed dogs have a greater disposition to having periodontal disease.
  • We routinely perform canine and feline dental prophies (cleanings)
  • We have geriatric dentals as well which includes IV fluids and pre-operative bloodwork.
  • The results from a dental cleaning can be maintained with specific diets, treats, bones, and chews, as well and brushing.