What does an annual exam cover? We check the following systems:

  • Eyes, ears (for irritation, infection, discharge and other abnormalities)
  • Integument (skin), and haircoat health, including lumps
  • Heart and lungs (for heart murmurs or breathing problems)
  • Determine body condition score, and talk about diet and exercise
  • Assess oral health (teeth and gums)
  • Gait & normal movement
  • Normal reflexes and nervous system function
  • Various glands being functional (anal glands, glands found in the eyes)
  • Behavioral (barking, aggression, temperament changes)
  • Urogenital (eliminating normally or abnormally)
  • Stomach and Intestinal Health (diarrhea, blood in stool, parasites and deworming)

The doctor will also take a history of your pet. This helps to determine if any preventative treatments or services may be of benefit.

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